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3115 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38111, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 3115 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38111, USA
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aba yaa
5 Star
Detail and quick
Monday 3rd January 2022
Kathi Seward
5 Star
I used this company to find investment properties in Memphis that were in the low cost range and they were amazing. Found me my best investments, helped me locate help in the area, they were always professional and courteous. One of the best real estate companies I have ever dealt with in my long life history of buying real estate.
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Love Jones
1 Star
My husband and I bought a house a few years ago listed by Homepath. Carol Tate is the listing agent for most, if not all of the Homepath properties in Memphis. It was not a good experience AT ALL! The home needed many repairs which they reluctantly did in a terrible fashion. They hired the most incompetent people in the area and some looked like they were off the street. They repainted all of the walls and trim in the house, BUT THEY LITERALLY PAINTED OVER YEARS OF DIRT!! So now we have to strip all of the trim and repaint it so it won't look lumpy and disgusting. In one bathroom they painted the ceiling with the wrong type of paint and now its peeling and falling off in chunks. And they got mad at us when we questioned the quality of work being done, as if we were the problem. By the way, we went up on the price of the house to have some repairs done, so we were concerned about the quality because we were actually paying for it. At one point, Carol got mad and told my real estate agent not to talk to her anymore, which was extremely unprofessional. My agent was just doing her job and making sure we didn't get taken advantage of as first time home buyers. The day before we closed, the ac condenser was stolen and she said a "new" unit was put in. That piece of junk was about 15 years old and only lasted one summer. When we contacted the people who installed it they said that she could have put in a brand new unit for a couple hundred dollars more, but she chose not to. My guess is that they are used to serving people with EXTREMELY LOW STANDARDS. Or maybe they thought we would be satisfied with the bare minimum because we're Black (and yes, they are Black too). We LOVED the house but HATED dealing with Carol Tate and the husband. All of the "repairs" they did we've had to have redone. I forgot to mention that they hired someone to rewire the house and once we moved in the breaker kept tripping. Our electrician found wires that were held together by a STAPLE instead of being capped properly. And one last thing, the furnace in the basement was really broken but had been rigged to stay operational without sending an error message. Our HVAC guy found the problem and told us that the weird smell that would only occur when the furnace was on was actually gas that should be expelled outside. But it was actually coming into our home, slowly killing us. The Tate family represent everything that's wrong with this city. They are just in it for the checks they get from Homepath, and they don't care if your house burns down from and electrical fire or if you die from gas poisoning as long as they close and get that CHECK! BEWARE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Kenneth Somerville
5 Star
Purchased my first home here
Wednesday 16th January 2019
Ibinka Neilly
2 Star
Very rude and unhelpful. I called this company trying to seek information about a property. I was placed on hold by one lady. And then another came on the line and was rude, before I could finish asking my question she hung up in my face. If this is how a company treats people who are seeking information on a property I would rather keep renting.
Monday 10th September 2012